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Jaeger-LeCoultre watch series 2009 enamel, body art watches

This house is located in the valley of the Jura brand Swiss Watches and old, then its fine in relation to the decorative arts located are no longer secret. Gem enamel painting, sculpture and mosaics are the competencies of the industry and integrated “smart home” to apply these skills and artistic clocks. Over the details of the glorious love always shows the properties of the family was. Enamel painting, micro-fine interpretation of a single show of grace, withdraw, select the brand in the watch industry, the ability. Family is to use a variety of technology, some traditional decoration decoration watch one of the brandsreplica swiss watches.

In 2009 alone, led to the proceeds of this beautiful house, arts and crafts designers, hoping the two famous series of Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Minute Repeater watch three questions and Master Grand Tourbillon Tourbillon, display their talent incredible talent. The two series reflects the two traditional techniques of melting: Cooking at high temperature and enamel inlay.

To demonstrate the astonishing high-tech, a product of choice for the four tables asked, a classic portrait of the theme of Venus, the three of the Master Minute Repeater watch the landscape of the enamel dial painted. Inspiration comes from many parts of the classicism of the Italian Renaissance, Spanish and French as core academics. Jaeger cloisonne painting masterpieces selected as one of the typical image of inspiration, including Botticelli’s Birth of Venus, Titian’s Venus of Urbino, Vera Whiskers Rokeby Venus, and Venus Anadyomene Ingres Vacheron Constantin Stainless Steel Black Mens Watch.

Besides the extraordinary power of expression, these masterpieces three questions to the Master Minute Repeater are version of the dial close the game. Standing in the factory in the Jura Valley LeCoultre Clock to see artists in their heads and asked the Master Minute Repeater three tones skillfully crystal clear, rich and pure tone look to the time the most advanced breakthrough in this area. However, to ensure that the collection of four different styles of the value of the Clock is not available is displayed in hours or minutes. is the dial there are two additional display, the display can be easily set up both simple and easy to read but also subtle, not dramatic: the double-run release of torque at 4 o ‘clock position, and power reserve are at the 8-Clock -position Vacheron Constantin Black Leather Strap Mens Watch.

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