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iPhone 4S Car Holder Shopping Guide

As a good smartphone, iPhone 4S support GPS function. No matter its built-in maps navigation or the third party navigation software can achieve the GPS navigation. So we can leave out the cost of buying a GPS. But a car does not have a car holder generally. We need to purchase one separately. And now iPhone 4S car holders are generally classified into adsorption holders in the windshield and brace type stand in the front panel of the car.

The adsorption holder is an earlier car holder which is adopted by many GPS and MP4 holder. This kind of holder generally adopts haptor to support the iPhone in the front windshield in order to choose and adjust the angle and stadia easily. However, if clip part does not compact tightly or looses after using for a long time, the cell phone is easy to drop. It is easy to damage a cell phone and interfere with the normal driving. At the same time, the design is not convenient for a cell phone battery to charger for cell phone with car charger.

Brace type stands are commonly putted in the panel of a car windshield. Some open stands directly are opened to brace the mobile phone. More fixed stands are fixed to brace from bottom base, which is easy to put and produce fewer influence of the sight than the preceding product. The design is more conducive to cooperation with the charger for charging the mobile phone, and also facilitates the driver for the screen manipulation. Nonetheless, the stand is instable or easy to drop under the condition of brakes, which will both affect the navigation of mobile phone.

Whether from the controllability or security sense, the brace type stand is relatively superior to adsorption holder, so, we suggest choosing the brace type stand when choosing the iPhone 4s car stand. Osculum type fixed base is also the best choice for this kind of stand, because the stability of this stand is good. And it will not leave stain on the panel like some stand which needs to stick to the base.



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