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Information on Rolex Watches and Petek Philippe watches

Being the epitome of high-class elegance, Jaeger Le-Coultre Master Grande Ultra Thin symbolizes the well-known Swiss craftsmanship when it comes to clock-making. In the Swiss manufactures the cult of creating high-performance Rolex watches has always been present along with the desire of self overtaking and perpetual improvement.
Among the Swiss brands, fighting for supremacy, it has always been Jaeger Le-Coultre and we must remember, for example, his world record model of only 1.38 mm. the thinnest watch ever built. A masterpiece of Swiss craftsmanship, created by one of the major Rolex Submariner Houses, the model we present to you now, is a clear manifestation of sensitivity and almost a pure state of art. Starting our analysis from an aesthetic point of view, we can say that the watch is characterized by absolute purity of lines, by sharp classicism, almost minimalist dial, an exceptionally precise movement which doesn’t give up the technological development that has recently been implemented in the now-days clock-making.
Details of the crown, position and adjustment: The watch has poor details, the base line of Swiss Rolex watches design is the minimalism which offers the watch an air of elegance and harmony, it has hourly rates charged, sub-divisions for minutes, and small semi-spheres at 12, 3, 6 and 9 in the sub-seconds dial, it is made of low-relief, and is equipped with the corresponding sub-divisions for seconds.
Recently, Russian Newsweek did an investigation and revealed the watch brands and models that worn by Russian political figures and other world leaders. The results show that Russian politicians, artistes and commercial elites will choose Switzerland golden watches that have several-century-long history. They all regard the famous brand watch can fully show the eminent social status of its wearer such as Patek Philippe Watches.
Among Russian politicians, Prime Minister of Russia Putin wears the most expensive watch amount to 60,000 US dollars;perpetual calendar gold Petek Phillipe watches for sale which have equal amount as the annual salary of Putin. The search also shows that Prime Minister Putin pays great attention to watch brands and once he worn a Petek Philippe Calatrava, and classic gold watch model. As the representative of traditional and eminent watches, replica Petek Philippe watches are deeply loved and sought after by many important leaders and politicians It is said that, several Russian vice presidents and government officials, catering Putin’s pleasure, struggle to wear Petek Philippe watches. Moscow Mayor Yury Luzhkov, for example, has a Petek Philippe Calatrava gold watch.

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