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In The End Is Not Difficult To Choose 700 Yuan Headphones Shopping Guide (figure)

Some people say that headphones refractory

, I think in the end headphones difficult election?? You want to, ah, very cheap headset buyers the people, you just pick on the right, most likely the best-selling, high-end headphone enthusiasts studying of all deeply, can easily find friends all over the papers you rattle a big, choose not a problem. And 67 100 yuan of mid-price can be said that “the world is vain vain”, the product enough to make you more confused, but it seems it can be a matter of fact that paragraph shall not be gratified, depressed ah!

Does not matter, as the ten fingers are off, there are numerous products in this price there should be among the products we choose, the key is to look at you will not “gold”, Amoy to do even after you press King need to choose?? seems not very trouble? Oh, Xiao Bian I hasten you are worried about turning back for us in the 699 yuan price singled out a few fine, we see if their favorite bar!

The cost for Philips! SHP8900 good choice entry-fever

Philips brand in the field of household appliances, and as strong in recent years, opening up the market in headphones, Philips headphones gradually all knowledge, recognition and love. Now that the computer headset counter the city, few non-Philips products put it in a reflection of its popularity. Overall flight movement record headset is taking the fashion line, median playful love of play into the hands of young people moving, while in the field of entry-HiFi Philips also has decent products, such as HP895 fever in various forums by many enthusiasts pursuit of Philips make persistent efforts this year, launched the new generation version of the HP895 SHP8900, now the headset is available now.

SHP8900 See SHP8900 their first impression of the general who is “big”, in fact, the volume is not outstanding. According to official information that has reached its earmuffs diameter 10cm! As we all know, the more spacious listening earmuff will feel better, have excellent wearing comfort of some. With large ear cups corresponding to the sound unit is SHP8900 diameter of 50mm?? This is what the concept of it, more than 2000 yuan’s HD600 cell diameter of only 40mm, we all know, the bigger the caliber of speakers sound better, in fact This headset is also, 50mm of impressive dimensions laid the foundation for good sound.

SHP8900 ear pads are very soft by the ring material composition, was covered with a fabric similar to gauze. It is clear that man-made fabric than leather or synthetic to natural, to the comfortable, more suitable for long wear. And this mattress is not a very regular shape, the latter has a slightly below the hump?? Wear to the ear will find this design would make a better seal, but also within the sound unit to move into a side angle make sense of the human ear to hear more natural.

SHP8900 SHP8900 application of the “Auto-fitheadband” Adaptive headband adjustment technique, to a certain extent, improved wearing comfort, but Xiaobian a long time that there is some “top pressure” feeling. It is the wire length 4m, and be free to change?? This design in other brands, but the product positioning in a thousand dollars to appear Oh, this further indicates that SHP8900 pure “HiFi” status!

In the audio area, or inherited Philips SHP8900 balance consistent style, the three bands have no obvious bias. But can still hear them listening to faint staining, and its overall warmer sound, resolution of a high voice heard when the saliva sound heavier. Some people hate to sound saliva, but there are many people like this feeling, Xiao Bian I quite like the fibers on the slightest sense of completion now, resolution of a high quality of performance is a good headset.

Comments: Philips SHP8900 businesses offer is 699 yuan, just in this price range Shopping guide. Overall this headset look plain, but from the inside out revealed that the “professional” and “fever” of temperament, so Xiaobian to recommend it to focus on sound quality, but the appearance of the pursuit of fashion for young people, At this price there are better choices.

[Price] 699 yuan [Contact Info] Gold partner Beijing Technology Development Centre (010-82696568)

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