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A pair of new shoes is often thought of as a fantastic treat. To many women, a new pair is one of the best things in the world. One of the worst things in the world: slipping into that new pair, leaving the house, and finding that there is nothing in the world less unpleasant or less comfortable.

The first thing to remember to learn is that you cannot put a price on comfort but you can put a price on discomfort. When you are talking heels, buying a cheap, low quality shoe will come back to bite you.

Also remember, safety is important. This lesson is geared toward those who live in climates that receive ice and snow in the winter. These weather conditions make thing slippery and difficult to walk even to the car. This does not mean, however, that those gorgeous boots with no grip are a lost cause. For a reasonable price you can bring them to a cobbler and have rubber soles attached. You can even go so far as to get non-slip grips. This solves a huge problem for us snow bunnies who cannot understand why shoe manufacturers would make gorgeous boots with no grips.

Being dry is not a fantasy. It rains, boots leak, feet get wet. And it happens so often you don’t know what to do anymore besides be cranky for the entire day. In steps our friendly neighborhood cobbler to again save the day. Minimal dollars will get a water protective coating to keep feet warm and dry.

Like the shoe? Buy more than one pair. If you spend a lot of time walking in your shoes, you know how hard it is to find a nice looking pair that are both comfortable and practical for walking all day. This is especially true for people like restaurant waitstaff. Shoes are like clothes and seasonal changes happen all the time meaning that the pair you buy today will not be there again in six months when you wear them out. When you have found a pair that have quickly become your favorite, get another pair or two right away.

Protect, protect, protect. Water is not the only thing you must protect your shoes from. The protecting products that can be found in any shoe store are not just there so that the sales people can boost their sales, they are there to extend the life of your footwear. Protection from other deteriorating agents such as salt is imperative.

Stop the abuse! Some footwear can be easily damaged. Some are more hardy. Regardless, tossing them around in a drawer or closet will make heel scrape material and can cause unsightly irreparable damage. To avoid this and the look of age that abuse can create, stack them neatly on a shoe rack and extend their lives.

We love our shoes. Choose the right ones and treat them with respect so you may have the best relationship with them possible.

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