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I saw the world’s most expensive comic book (and it looked like a comic book)

This weekend’s New York Comic Con is (so far) less of an entertainment hub than its counterpart in San Diego, and as a result, you’ll likely get around to seeing more actual comics. If you were there on Thursday, you might actually have seen the world’s most expensive comic book: a well-preserved copy of Superman debut Action Comics #1 that sold for $3.2 million this summer. For one day only, it was on the show floor, at the booth of Metropolis Comics and Collectibles. So what does a plastic-wrapped pamphlet worth more than a dozen Ferraris, first sold in 1938 for a dime, look like?

Honestly, almost exactly like the two Action Comics #1 issues flanking it. I had expected some kind of reverent separate framing — maybe a sign — but…

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