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Since the early years of establishment 70 yrs back in the Fiji Islands, to its current development today, the 3 Bhindi Brothers of Bhindi Jewellers have become veteran masters in the Gold and Diamond industry with their flagship store located in the infamous ‘Little India’ on Pioneer Blvd, Artesia, CA. Throughout the changing times of the market and the consumer, Bhindi Jewellers have not only maintained their standing but have also continued to grow, expand and flourish spectacularly with the highest faith & persistence of Vinod, Jayent and Dhanesh Bhindi at the forefront.

While Bhindi Jewellers initially catered to the Indo-Asian community, the goal of becoming a household name amongst the lovers of fine Jewellery has continued at full-force. The story and style behind Bhindi Jewellers has evolved through the years to provide selections of jewelry as broad-based and diverse as the clientele they attract. Alongside their dazzling gold & diamond collection came their first wave of progression into the World of Watches. Becoming entrusted as an authorized Rolex dealer opened their doors to the ultimate timepiece collection. With watches becoming the next hot accessory, this further elaborated their showroom collections into the lavish Omega brand with their state-of-the-art mechanical watches, several of which being the first watch on the Moon. The Bhindi’s have also welcomed Tag Heuer, the first watch brand to partner a whole F1 team as well as teaming up with Audi Sport as official partner and time-keeper, and achieved in 2010 a sensational result on the world’s most famous circuit, Le Mans.

Of course they didn’t stop there. Entering into a market for the Porcelain Figurine collectors was a niche that was explored and truly successful. The authentic Spanish-made Lladro porcelain collection was a soaring hit, especially for their pieces in the ‘Spirit of India’ collection which included spectacular variations of Lord Ganesha.

In having created a strong standing amongst the Gold & Gem enthusiasts as well as their soaring advancement in the Watch market & Porcelain Figurines, Bhindi Jewellers continued with excellence, being proven so when The official American Gem Society awarded them an exclusive membership where jewelers are accepted only after rigorous consideration for ones ethical and professional reputation.

Since its doors first opened in North America, Bhindi Jewellers has become one of the most trusted and reliable sources of jewelry. As the demand for Bhindi’s jewelry is continuously growing, the Bhindi’s listened and obliged by expanding both to San Francisco and Atlanta and will continue exploring further locations to meet clientele’s demand. For those who are unable to visit the stores, the newest Bhindi development is the expansion of their exclusive collection to the internet, now available nationwide.

Bhindi jewelry can be found on everyone, from brides adorned in majestic Mogul-era necklace sets to Hollywood celebrities wearing contemporary pieces, hand-selected by personal stylists. In response to every growing demand, Bhindi Jewellers has repeatedly risen to the occasion by maintaining the most current trends in jewelry and growing to gain synonymy with excellence and aesthetic. In the early 90’s, Madonna popularized the 22Kt yellow gold ethnic trend on the cover of the 1994 Rolling Stone magazine where the jewelry she chose was none other than Bhindi’s own. Fast forwarding to the 21st Century brings a variety of celebrities whom have frequently graced the floors of Bhindi Jewellers, from young musicians such as Christina Aguilera, to Hollywood and Bollywood icons, like Jennifer Aniston, Sharon Stone, Shilpa Shetty & Amisha Patel.

At Bhindi Jewellers crafting beautiful jewelry is only the beginning. Just as important is the creation of beautiful showrooms that house the intricate jewelry designs. The company has been bestowed awards in recognition of its insightful architectural plans. Bhindi’s Atlanta showroom was recently renovated to accommodate and better exhibit their exclusive collections. Currently our Los Angeles showroom is spread over 7,000 sq feet, Atlanta showroom boasts 7,000 sq feet of retail space, and our San Francisco showroom stands at 5,000 sq feet.

The legacy of Vinod, Jayent and Dhanesh Bhindi will continue as the present and future of Bhindi Jewellers will be navigated by the heirs of this Jewelry Empire. This new team consists of 5 members; Sanat, Ronil, Hitesh, Nikhil, and Ashwin Bhindi, all of whom are certified gemologists from the Gemological Institute of America (G.I.A). As the next generation of jewelers, the team has been thoroughly trained in the traditional ways of jewelry design as well as the manufacturing of unique hand crafted items. As technology advances, our innovations have taken hand drawn jewelry designs to the next platform, by implementing all design creations to be made on CAD/CAM. This program enables three dimensional custom images, which in turn allows control of each design feature so that every item is unique to each customer’s desires. The groundbreaking designs Bhindi Jewellers have Jewelers diamonds

The Bhindi collection is centered around luxury and elegance, catering to clients for whom 22k jewelry reflects individuality. Bhindi Jewellers has maintained, and always will preserve integrity in retail practice as well as the highest standards in manufacturing and innovative design.


Saroj kumar operates a successful home based Jewelars and resides in Los Angeles, Artesia, CA 90701.For more details, visit rings and diamonds Or Chains for men .

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