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Guide to buy expensive Watches

As a guest writer on top magazine like Vogue and Elle, I have been asked about this question several times how one would figure out which is the top brand in the Watch industry, honestly it’s very hard to answer this question because watch making is couple of hundred years old industry and several European countries claim their watches are crafted to perfection. I agree Swizz watches are widely popular worldwide due to the reason that they make very high precision watch mechanical movements and even add lot of technology and innovation to their models.

Some Swizz watch manufactures produce limited watches like 500 per year or 1000 per year this allows them to be unique, as you don’t see these watches on wrist of many people around, this makes them unique and they charge more and call themselves privilege brands, yes they are crafted to excellence.

Before you start looking around for Gold plated or diamond studded watches (In Danish ure), first figure out how much your budget is and based on that start looking around, the best bet is searching on the internet this will allow you to know how many differnt brands are available and visiting their blog will allow you to know what people talk about it, because at the end of the day when you are going to spend several hundred Euros, you should know what it means to people around in the society. You also have to decide if buying expensive watch or gold watch (In Danish guld dsameur) or buying equivalent value of Gold jewelery like Gold earrings, Gold bracelet or Gold necklace (In Danish guld halskæde) is right for you.

There are great places over the internet were they sell direct, buying direct allows you to save around 30% rather than walking into a store and making a purchase, online retailers pass all the logistic and handling savings to their customer as they don’t run fancy store in shopping district which adds around 35% on the product cost. I am sure by following some basic tips above you can make a big saving this holiday season, you want to gift your loved ones with best product but at the same time you also want to save on shopping.

Author likes to write on Gold plated or diamond studded watches (In Danish ure) and Gold necklace (In Danish guld halskæde).

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