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Goji is an emoji keyboard that recommends great food and drinks

We’ve seen predictive keyboards, doodle keyboards, and even GIF keyboards for Apple’s latest mobile operating system, iOS 8. Now, we’re getting a first look at Goji, a keyboard that uses the emoji we already use to propose plans, to actually help us make them. With Goji installed (here’s how to do that), you can tap on one of the keyboard’s 48 “gojis” — like coffee, pizza, sushi, the beach, etc — to see a quick list of three good places nearby. Tap the coffee goji, for example, and the keyboard displays three coffee spots nearby. Tap one, and Goji inserts a link to the place inside your conversation so you can get directions.

But why does Goji only show three recommendations per category, and where do these recommendations even come…

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