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Florida Shopping Malls: A Guide to Every Mall within the State

With the many shopping malls in Florida, any shopper will most definitely find it hard to choose which shopping mall will best suit their needs. Finding the products and the services you need in a mall is important especially if you are a traveler in a new place. Should you be travelling to Florida, here are the types of malls you will get to see.

Community Malls. There is a mall for every community and city in Florida. These malls are big enough to handle at least 40,000 to 150,000 customers in a very busy day. Most community malls provide services and items suitable for those who are often on the go. Department stores, fast food chains and a great variety of item shops are scattered around in most community malls.

Lifestyle Malls. These establishments differ from the mass appeal of community malls. Lifestyle outlet malls in Florida are most often built around shorelines along the beautiful coasts of the state. These establishments deal more in services than in items. Lifestyle malls concentrate on providing services for the leisure and comfort of customers. Cafes, Spa and other therapy services and special events are also plentiful. Manufactures well known for luxury items have establishments in most lifestyle malls.

Outlet Centers. Manufacturers who have great customer demands often have their stand-alone outlet centers scattered in the communities within Florida. Built near the manufacturing plants, outlet centers can let customers visit the plant and see how their products are made. Outlet centers provide customers great discounts as they are selling the product directly out from the plant itself. Without any shipping and distributor fees to pay, customers can afford to buy more items.

Regional Malls. Most regional malls are comparable to community malls except for the fact that these malls are bigger. Regional malls are capable of having at least ten brand names for a single item in their department stores. They are also capable of handling a greater selection of fast food chains. Some malls may have one or two movie theaters as well as the amenities that lifestyle malls offer.

Super Regional Malls. These are surely the largest Florida shopping malls to date. With more than 2,000,000 square feet in width, super regional malls carry large varieties of brand names for each type of product. Department stores have dedicated floors for every classification of item they have. Most of these have many movie theaters and indoor amusement parks.

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