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Electronic Advertising for Shopping Malls

In this article we look at the evolving world of promotion in public places, in particular, the ever popular spare time activity of ‘shopping’. It consists of every walk of life and therefore encompasses a large captive audience for sales features.  The way in which products allure the customer is developing into the technical age of Dynamic Promotion.

This evolution brings moving images and audio to the once static ad. poster, it is visually eye catching and gives far more data in a non invasive shape.  Public just can’t help but inhibit and watch the digital monitor, influencing their pick of procure, which is what merchandising is all about.   

Where these electronic indoor (or outdoor) LCD screens are located is equally important as the product they portray.  Often TVs are placed at the point of sale, where the public queue to pay for their acquisition, but can also be swayed by the moving pictures to pick up the advertised product, on display next to them, and pay for it too whilst at the till point.  Another innovative way is to display the screen in the floor of the store, where customers are attracted to the media and are drawn to the electronic concept along with the retailer’s shop floor layout.  

Initial expense for these LCD monitors can be evaluated against the potential profits they can generate.  Where as the traditional static poster content could only feature one item, these psycho graphic flat panel display screens can host numerous items or services relevant to their place, accumulating an supplementary earnings.

This is the way forward in a demanding world of marketing, where every individual is a prospective sale.  It opens up a whole new notion for marketing merchandise and visually communicates the advert to the shopper in a modern, contemporary and unique way.

Utilizing the TVs and campaign players in an LCD housing can help the corporate by safeguarding their investment in the campaign, these LCD enclosures are utilized for defending the interior machine from the weather and potential vandal risk.

Graham is the leading manufacturer a range of LCD enclosures, this range of product is supplied to digital signage integrators throughout the world, now they also offer an indoor solution a digital poster, but it does not have the protection of an LCD enclosure.

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