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Ecuador: Amazon to the Central Andes

Ecuador is a small country that offers so much − diverse landscapes, climates, and cultures: from snowcaps to rainforests and beaches; from sea level to over 21,000 feet altitude; sophisticated cultures that date back 5,000 B.C. to indigenous groups that keep their traditions alive. This adventure takes you to the most outstanding and seldom visited sites of Ecuador, considered a microcosm of all South America in one easy-to-visit country. The journey heads over the eastern Andes and down into a remote Amazonian community, then up to the highlands into the Cotopaxi province!

Relax in Andean thermal springs
Explore the mysterious Amazon rainforest and interact with an indigenous community
Learn about natural medicine and the Amazonian ecosystem
Visit unique highland areas inside the Cotopaxi province, including its mighty volcano
Enjoy Andean indigenous markets and arts
Participate in exciting nature excursions and cultural encounters
Unique Aspects

In Ecuador, you will experience a different type of luxury that does not necessarily involve a 5-star hotel or a fancy restaurant. You will enjoy the simple life in amazing natural environments. The Amazon is one of the more wondrous unexplored regions of the world, where over 70% of the active ingredients in our modern pharmaceuticals have been discovered to date. You will also enjoy the incredible landscapes along the active Andean Cordillera.


Locally-owned Ecuadorian hotels, community and/or family-run lodge, and ecolodges with shared or private bathroom.

Best Time To Go

In Ecuador, temperature variations in all regions are minimal because of its geographical location on the equator. However, there are rainy and dry seasons, each lasting about six months. For this trip, June to September or late November to January are good months to travel because it’s mostly dry in the central Andes. Though the rainy season in the Amazon (roughly January to August) is better for navigation, at the equator anytime is good for travel!


11 days

Sustainable Elements
Small group size, 2 to 10.
Local/indigenous guides.
Local and/or organic food.
Accommodation at eco-owned and community-owned lodges.
Informal lectures about Andean and Amazonian ecosystems.

From $ 1,860 per person based on double occupancy; $ 1,420, 4 – 8 travelers, cost reduced over 8; $ 150 additional for single supplement. Trip price includes airport transfers, accommodations, land and river transportation, professional guides, excursions, entrance fees to national parks, and most meals.


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