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Different Power Sources For Watches-for Long Life Of The Watches

Different types of watches use different power sources for their functioning. For example, the traditional mechanical watches use a spiral spring called a mainspring as the power source. Antique timepieces like the pocket watches were maintained by inserting a separate key into a whole that is located at the back of the watch. In self-winding or the automatic mechanism the mainspring of a mechanical movement rewinds according to the natural movements of the wearers body. The self-winding was initially invented for the pocket watches in 1770 by Abraham-Louis Perrelet. The first automatic wrist watch was invented by a British watch repairer known as John Harwood in 1923.

Luxury watches like the Rolex watches and the Swiss watches use different power sources for their functioning. The usage of a power source depends on the type of the watch. Some electric watches are also powered by the movement of the wearer. This concept is same as that of the self-winding. But, instead of the mechanical spring tension, electric power is generated. Electronic watches require electricity as the power source for their functioning. Some mechanical movements also require electricity. Some hybrid electronic mechanical movements also require electricity. Usually, this electricity is provided by a battery that is replaceable over a period of time. Luxury watches also use these batteries as the power sources. The electric power was initially used as a substitute for the mainspring in order to avoid the winding process. The first electrically powered watch was released in the year 1957. All types of watches including the luxury watches like the Swiss watches, Rolex watches and other such brands use these types of power sources. Many companies also design batteries especially for this purpose. These batteries are known as watch batteries.

The Rolex watches use watch batteries that are extremely tiny and provide power continuously for long periods of time. These luxury watches last for long times. These batteries are generally replaced after many years of the purchase of the watches. The replacement of these batteries is very simple and can be done with a trip to a watch repair shop or the watch dealer from whom you have purchased the watch. For expensive watches like the Swiss watches, it is always advisable to visit the dealer instead of getting the battery replaced at a repair shop. As these luxury watches are generally water resistant, it is very important to visit the dealer to get the battery replaced in the right way as special tools and equipment are required for this purpose and also to ensure that the water resistant property remains the same after the replacement. Initially for all types of watches including the luxury watches, mercury batteries were used. But, now-a-days, these batteries are no longer in use because of the environmental issues. Silver oxide and lithium batteries are more popular today. The cheaper alternatives for these batteries may be alkaline that are of the same size but provide shorter life.

Rechargeable batteries are generally used in the solar powered batteries. The solar powered watches are powered by light. With these kinds of power sources that are used by the watches, one is sure to enjoy the long life of the watches once you buy them. Many luxury watches use various kinds of batteries depending on the watch requirement. The battery requirements of the water proof watches are completely different from that of the other watches. Keeping this mind, many companies have professional battery designers that work in the designing of various models of watches. Many luxury watches like the Rolex watches use batteries that have a very long life. These batteries are generally replaced after several years. It is very difficult to judge the quality of the batteries used by just looking at the watches. However, in the case of luxury watches, one need not worry about the battery life because of the standard quality that they maintain in the manufacturing of watches.

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