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Citizen Mens Watches Review – What Makes Them The Best Watch?

Citizen mens watches are one of the best timepiece that makes you feel wonderful every time you wear it. Citizen mens watch comes with a different style that suits your own preferences. Each design has perfectly crafted with the best metal that makes them precise and comfortable in a price that doesn’t break your bank.

Citizen Eco Drive

The Citizen Eco Drive is an ecological friendly solar powered watch. It contains a solar cell in its panel to charge the internal battery when it is low. The purpose of a solar cell is to convert light energy into electrical energy thus has a capacity to charge its secondary battery that will last for a lifetime. In this case it will save you money and time without worrying to buy a new one.

The maximum power reserve is 180 days up to 30 months with power save functions. It has low power charge warning. It takes 3 to 6 days charging depending on the place of charging. 150 hours with incandescent light, a cloudy outdoor takes 60 hrs and under a sunny weather takes only 20hrs.

Citizen Chronograph Watch

Citizen chronograph watch has a time keeping and a stopwatch functions. Citizen men’s watch is also a Chronometer which is a certified precise and accurate timepiece.

Citizen Chrono-Time A-T watch

The Citizen Eco-Drive Chrono-Time A-T is a radio controlled watch. The Atomic Timekeeping uses radio frequency signals that automatically adjust to the time zone of 43 cities worldwide that works accurately. The Chrono-Time A-T watch is a perfect choice for Pilot and travelers around the world even if you’re not you can also enjoy the pleasure of having this wonderful watch.

Citizen Men’s Eco-Drive Skyhawk A-T Chronograph Watches

The Citizen Men’s Eco-Drive Skyhawk A-T Chronograph is one of their best high ends Watches. This timepiece comes in a stainless steel and a titanium type of metal design. The stainless steel made watch is heavier while the titanium is lightweight type of metal but a much stronger. The Skyhawk are water resistant up to 200M (600 ft.) Both type of Citizens watch are very durable that makes it lifetime investment.

Read the full review of the Citizen Mens Watches and find out more of their advantages over the other brands.

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