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Chopard Happy Sport – quartz omega watches with class

Chopard by his wife’s dreams come true, or arise in the first place. The predecessor Chopard Happy Sport has already been celebrated and glorified again and again as best luxury timepieces. The time has come again and the climax has got a charming whipped cream – born is the Chopard Happy Sport Chrono.
Chopard Happy Sport quartz omega watches
The Chopard Happy Sport Chronograph is now one of the most coveted timepieces in general. It is available in a pearl-diamond designs, as well as a simple stainless steel model (see picture). Both watches are attractive, but I would choose the clocks on the particular type of woman. The sporty women’s sober can stick to the simpler version, while the sensuous fancy the timer can bear with diamond bezel on her wrist. The chronograph itself is exceptionally powerful, but still delicate and seemingly fragile.

The model has 40 diamonds setted Diamonds on the bezel, which is made of white gold. The dial is mother of pearl by freezes and acts like a hockey field in the 5 diamond swirl back and forth. Every day can begin something new, because you never know who will score the next goal. The chronograph is equipped with sapphire glass and confident in spite of its beauty with sufficient strength. The is 30 meters water resistant, which means as much as absolutely rain-and splash-resistant.

Normally, the clock is characterized by an unusual display of normal time, which is also called civil time. To 12 clock a small regulator dial with Roman numerals and hour hand can be seen. From the center turns a downward minute hand indicates the minutes on a 270 ° arc of 8 bis 4 clock. The second hand is acting very familiar and turns per minute once full circle and is in six clock in the normal state also the current date.

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