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Choosing The Best Amazon Kindle

Ebook reading devices have been a huge seller in the technology market for past couple of years since the introduction of the Kindle, Amazon’s revolutionary reading device. While this new gadget has spawned a lot of copy cat products form other merchants, it is still a best seller, and there is a new generation of the ebook reader available in three models. While it is easy for many to decide which brand of reading device they want to buy, choosing the best Amazon Kindle model can be tougher. It is helpful to gather some basic information on each model for comparison before adding one of these devices to the shopping cart.

All three models feature a storage capacity of 3500 ebooks and E Ink Pearl display that can be read in bright sunlight without glare. They all have the ability to download books from Amazon within a minute and include a basic browser to look up terms in Wikipedia. One can read electronic publications in portrait or landscape formats, mark pages, or highlight important passages with any of these reading devices. Where the three models differ is in size, technology, and price.

Amazon Kindle Wi-Fi

The Kindle Wi-Fi version is the least expensive one of the three models because it has the least amount of technology. One can use this model to download and read ebooks from using a standard Wi-Fi connection at home or at various access points around the world. The screen is 6 inches measured diagonally, and the battery can last from 3 weeks to a month between charges depending on whether the wireless access is turned on. People who have a wireless router at home and are not frequent travelers might find this to be the best Amazon Kindle choice for $ 139.

Amazon Kindle 3G + Wi-Fi

The 3G + Wi-Fi version is the same size as the Wi-Fi model. The difference is that this model will have access to the Kindle store in most places without the need for a Wi-Fi hot spot or home router. One should check for area coverage on the Amazon web site to make sure he or she can take advantage of the 3G wireless. The battery will require more frequent charging with this version. Anyone who anticipates buying books while traveling would probably want to pay the extra $ 50 to get this model.

Amazon Kindle DX

Kindle DX is the most high end model of the three devices. It is much larger with a screen size that measures 9.7 inches, and it weighs ten ounces more than the other two readers. It can access Wi-Fi and 3G networks. Due to this fact, the battery will need weekly charging. While it boasts a significantly larger reading area, the DX also carries a bigger price tag at $ 379. People who have trouble seeing the little screens might find the price worthwhile, however.

The Kindle has been a high selling item for a few years, and it has created a whole new industry standard in ebook devices. Most people will need to weigh all the options before deciding which is the best Amazon Kindle device for their needs. In the end, ones budget, size preference, and wireless access needs will likely be the deciding factors.

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