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Choosing a Quality Juicer: A Shopping Guide

When you buy any appliance, regardless of whether you are buying for your own home and family or you are buying it as a gift, you have to choose the model that will give you the best value for the money. You also have to choose a quality product that will last long enough to pay for itself. To determine if the price that you are paying for an item, any item at all, is worth it, you figure the cost of operation or the money you would save by using the item one time and then multiply that by the length of time the item is expected to be useful. With a juicer, you would figure the cost of a single serving of juice for instance as the starting point but most juicers do a lot more than make a glass of juice for you in the morning time. Those additional uses can drive the value of the juicer higher in no time.


Do You Have the Room?


Before you buy a single appliance, you should always stop and ask yourself where you will put it while it is in use and where will you store it when it is not? The smaller your kitchen, the less counter space you will have, so the smaller your juicer should be. There are still a number of high quality juicers that are on the small side and many of them still do nearly as many other tasks as the larger models.


Quality Construction Means Quality Juice


Imagine buying a budget juicer. It is made with strange parts, including a lot of plastics. It gets hot whenever you use it and it will not handle anything that is harder like a carrot. Most of the juice has a plastic, burned taste to it and if you could analyze it, you would find that none of this juice has the nutrients that it needs to have because the heat has destroyed it completely.


A quality juicer should be made with surgical grade, polished stainless steel and should operate without creating any heat at all. The hotter the juicer, the lower the quality of the juice it is producing. It should be easy to put together and use and then easy to take apart for cleaning.


Juicers Have Other Uses


Most juicers, with the exception of the smallest and most basic models, have a number of other uses such as making fresh pasta, grinding coffee beans, mincing onions and garlic or even making baby food. The more uses you can find for your juicer, the more you will need a high quality machine that can actually handle it. The payback time will be shorter with the additional uses in consideration as well.


Finally, make sure that you know that you are getting your juicer from a place you can trust whether you are going to a store or buying your model online. Buying quality, from a trusted retailer means that you will have a great appliance that gives you juice and a number of other benefits for a long time to come.


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