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Bushnell Night Watch

As humans, we possess qualities that separate us from most of the rest of the animal kingdom. A large brain and opposable thumbs are just two examples of differences we possess.  However, there is one area where many animals have a distinct advantage over humans and that area is night vision. Humans simply cannot see all that well in the dark.  If you enjoy hunting, camping or other outdoor activities, historically this has meant that when night falls, we are more or less limited to the area immediately surrounding your campfire or lantern. This no longer has to be the case.  With night vision devices like the Bushnell Night Watch, you are no longer restricted to operating only between sunrise and sunset.

These rugged infrared night vision devices feature built in infrared illumination and a range of 400 to 700 feet depending on the model.  The Bushnell Night Watch is ideal for hunters scouting game at long distance and boaters who need to be able to see what is coming up ahead for safety’s sake. The Bushnell Night Watch is also perfect for spelunkers, since it allows you to see even under conditions with very low light or no visible light at all.

As its name implies, the Night Watch is a natural choice for security and surveillance applications. If you are trying not to attract attention to yourself, then obviously the last thing you need to be doing is shining a light at whomever or whatever you are trying to keep an eye on. As a hunter this would of course alarm your potential prey; if you are simply a nature lover whose aim is to observe animals in their natural habitat, you would scare them off – and if you are working in security or surveillance, shining a light would alert your target to your presence. Security professionals and hunters will enjoy the built in tripod mounts, since these make keeping your eye on your subject incredibly easy.

The Bushnell Night Watch is built to stand up to the rigors of the great outdoors.  Boaters will find the waterproof model – 26-0224W of Night Watch to be especially useful, as will anyone who might find themselves caught in a downpour while using night vision equipment.

One feature which really sets the Bushnell Night Watch range apart from many other night vision devices on the market is that it can allow you to see in complete darkness. While some night vision binoculars and monocular devices require that there be at least a small amount of visible light (since many devices work by focusing what visible light is available), the Night Watch allows you to truly see in the dark. The device’s integrated infrared illuminator ensures that you will always be able to see even under the darkest of conditions.

Whether you are an avid outdoorsman (or outdoorswoman, as the case may be), enjoy cave exploration or are involved in security or search and rescue work, the Bushnell Night Watch is a must-have. This is one night vision device that you can rely on, no matter how dark it may get.  



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