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Bo Siting Boostiv Intelligent Video Analysis Server Shopping Guide

We meet today and is the Bo Siting company Boostiv intelligent video analysis server (Biv-Box), this Product Can be said to truly intelligent products. The use of this product is truly intelligent video analysis algorithms, embedded hardware platform development, DSP algorithm transplantation and optimization, network coding and decoding, Video Surveillance Management software development and many other advanced technologies with independent intellectual property rights, to achieve security monitoring on-demand Alarm , On-demand transmission, on-demand storage, maximize system potential, rational use of manpower, improve the monitoring and management level, intelligent and efficient monitoring.

This product can be used for spill Detect , Spark detection, flame detection, smoke detection, cross the line detection, video state detection, PTZ auto tracking, closed testing, items left behind testing, removal of testing materials, regional density detection, people counting, off-site testing, wandering detection, illegal parking detection, therefore particularly suitable for security control and Fire Field, widely used in military, public security, prisons, banks, transportation, railways, airports, ports, electricity, Oil , Coal, intelligent building, area, Museology, school, district, fire, squares, shopping malls, Factory , Forest industries, the main target for the installation of security monitoring system of government institutions, enterprises and related integration providers.

Bo Siting intelligent video analysis server

Its main specifications are as follows:

Dimensions: 185 * 95 * 30 (L * W * H)

Host processor: TIDM642 Video input \ output: 1 channel \ a Road

Video compression standard: MPEG4 Video compression rate: 30kbps-3Mbps Video Rate Control: VBR and CBR

Video quality: Adjustable Relay alarm input \ output: 4 \ 2 Road

Network Interface: RJ45 * 1 Network Protocols: TCP \ IP, UDP, RTP, RTCP, HTTP

PTZ control interface: supports RS485 \ RS232

Maintenance Interface: RS232 Company Profile: Beijing Bo Siting Technology Co., Ltd. based in Zhongguancun Software Park, is a certified high-tech companies and software enterprises. Company specializing in video analysis technique based on intelligent control system development, production and market development, intelligent video analysis is the nation’s leading suppliers.

Bo Siting main products are smart and intelligent surveillance video analysis server management software. The product function / performance / security / harsh environment adaptability / interference etc. Ministry of Public Security have been certified for domestic and foreign counterparts in the most comprehensive certification program in the Ministry of Public Security, the highest index of products that can be used to help the traditional systems of control intelligent direction of smooth transition can be widely used in military, public security, finance, transportation, energy, fire, judicial, and other scenic areas of expertise.

Bo Siting company also has advanced behavior recognition algorithms and intelligent embedded systems completely independent intellectual property rights, few in the country; and, Bo Siting in integration of the various industries and various projects of complex application process, and constantly improve product performance and accuracy of the algorithm has a strong hardware and algorithm customization capabilities, the workflow when the customer has some trouble between?? need some time of the incident / pre-warning in time, but the event required can be reflected on the changes in the video, the Bo Siting can be custom-tailored solutions. Now, Bo Siting the project has been successful in providing a wide range of unique products.

Contact: Beijing Bo Siting Technology Co., Ltd.

Address: Haidian District, Beijing Zhongguancun Software Park

Tel :010-82825846 Fax :010-82825406 Http://


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