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Black Watches – Are You Too Hip for a Blackout Watch?

Darkness has taken over fashion as black is back!  Although not with color splash but with full on black on black on black.  From glossy to matte the trend has gone dark in the way of a black hole in the art of fashion and style.

Have you heard of the newest trend in black watches?  They are known as blackout watchesand they are epic evil.  The whole dang thing is blacked out including a black dial, case, hands, sweeping hands, and strap that comes in either metal or leather plus rubber blends.

Wearing a black watch that is all blacked out is a bold statement and demands respect.  I know your thinking, “how can I tell the time if I can’t see it?”.  Simply, you get used to it, and in the dark the luminescent kicks in and you can tell time via the glow of the arms and hands of the watch.  Not all have that, but most do.

As one might imagine these watches comes in all sorts of styles to fit anyone’s finicky criteria.  I believe they were modeled after military black ops watches as they need to be stealth when on a mission.  They look cool no doubt and will go with just about any wardrobe.  

Can a watch fanatic stop at just one black watch?  Uh, in a word no.  Of course folks like us will need a black dress watch and a dive watch as well as a all around everyday work on stuff watch, right?  And when a unique occasion arises the selection of blackout watches in the collection will set the tone and level of charisma for the day.  Sounds a bit eccentric but that is how true watch collectors feel.

For a unique selection of black watches be sure to visit my blogs below and join the “black list” while your there.

Check out more sleek black watchesat my blog “Watch Noir” & “Blackout Watches” and turn over to the dark side.

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