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BC Bear Watching

British Columbia is very fashionable for its range of wildlife. The things guests adore concerning the area are the woodlands, the waterways and coastal parts of Canada’s most western region. Multiple species of bear are found residing in British Columbia.

The Kermode Bear also known as the “Spirit Bear,” lives in the central coast of British Columbia. It’s a distinctive subspecies of the North American black bear. About one in every 10 bears is cream or white colored. Attributable to their ghost like look, “spirit bears” have a big place with the First Nations people in that region.

Found dwelling in the dense bush, black bears are found in the forested mountain ranges and heavily forested locations all through most of BC. Black bears usually travel great distances. A number of adult males have completed 500 to 620 sq. miles in their time. On Gribble Island plus the bordering mainland of BC, some are almost white.

Grizzly Bears stay in most parts of BC except the lower mainland and Vancouver Island. According to Shuswap Cabin Rentals, roughly half of Canada’s grizzly population – about 13,000 – live here. Grizzlies want semi-open country for their home, typically in rocky places like the Cariboo and Chilcotin regions. They are widespread on the West Coast including the Haida Gwaii in the Queen Charlottes, Northern BC and in the Great Bear Rainforest.

The famous Kermode bear, black bears, the grizzly bears and a white variety of Black bear that is not typically seen but highly wanted live in The Great Bear Rainforest. This mysterious coastal district is situated between Butte Inlet on the South Coast of BC and then North to the Alaskan border. The span of the Great Bear Rainforest is more numerous than many bionetworks and forests on the world.

You need to always remember that these creatures are wild and could be extremely dangerous when you are journeying and participating in Bear Watching experience in the wilderness of British Columbia. It’s crucial to observe all proper security precautions. Employing a professional guide or taking part in an organized and approved wildlife mission or wilderness tour will help guarantee your safety when contemplating a Bear Watching experience in British Columbia.

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