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Asus’ PadFone X mini coming to AT&T prepaid on October 24th

Asus’ PadFone, its crazy convertible tablet and smartphone concept, made its US debut in the form of the PadFone X just this past June, but the company is already following it up with another version of the idea. The PadFone X mini is a smaller edition of its forebear, and it will be available on AT&T’s prepaid GoPhone service for $199.99 without a contract starting on October 24th.

Where the PadFone X had a 5-inch screen and docked into a 9-inch tablet, the mini iteration has a 4.5-inch screen and docks into a 7-inch tablet. The PadFone X mini is powered by an Intel processor, making it the first LTE smartphone in the US to use Intel’s chips and Asus says the mini will last 15.8 hours on its own, while it will go for 28.3 hours when…

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