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Are you watching who’s watching you?

Counter surveillance is a bigger issue today than ever before.  It’s not just for the government and military anymore.  As the need for security increases in the corporate world, the need for reliable counter surveillance equipment increases as well.  Who’s trying to steal your documents?  Who’s listening in on your business meetings?  Who’s out to get your secrets?  That is the question CEOs are asking.

One of the leading factors that are driving the counter surveillance industry, today, is securing information in the private sector.  The counter surveillance industry has been growing since Watergate.  That’s right, slowly at first, but at an ever increasing rate.  As time goes on the secrets are getting bigger, and that demands more and more effort to keep them safe and away from competitors.  Most big corporate offices today are equipped with RF detectors, white noise, camera hunters and more.  Smaller businesses are steadily increasing the presence of counter surveillance equipment in the work place.

Security has become a concern for the average person to.  Many people are worried about surveillance equipment in their homes, tracking devices on their vehicles, software installed on their cell phones and the list goes on.  People are not only worried about their homes what with all the hidden videos showing up on the internet.  With hidden cameras in hotel and motel rooms and peephole cameras it’s no wonder people are worried about their security. We have all heard about the ever famous dressing room and bathroom cameras.  What’s a person to do? Enter counter surveillance equipment for the everyday man, and woman, and women seem to be the favorite target of hidden cameras.  I make sure all my women have the camera hunter in their purse when they leave home.  The camera hunter can find hidden cameras whether they are wireless or hardwire, even if the camera is turned off.  Once in the dressing room or bathroom one quick scan around the room to be sure no one is watching or filming you.

So now you know, we all live in a world where nothing is sacred and no one is quite safe anymore.  Fortunately we live in a world where everyone has the capacity to protect themselves from the voyeuristic predator and the corporate spy.



For more information on the benefits of counter surveillance equipment for your home or office, visit Airtight Security Plus or to see the full line of counter surveillance equipment or call 1-800-369-4779 for assistance.

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