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Apple announces iOS 8.1: ApplePay, Camera Roll, iCloud Photo Library beta

Apple today announced iOS 8.1, the first dot update since iOS 8 launched that brings ApplePay and various OS X Yosemite tie-in features to the company’s mobile operating system. iOS 8.1 also brings back Camera Roll, a feature iOS 8 removed, and iCloud Photo Library in beta, a feature Apple teased months ago that lets you store all of your photos from all your devices in the cloud.

Apple’s iOS 8 rollout has been its rockiest in years. An early update disabled cell service in many phones, an enormous update file size limited the number of people who could actually install it, and frequent crashes have plagued users and third-party app developers. Then there was the botched HealthKit launch, which needed to be patched. Consequently, iOS 8…

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