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An Independent Review of the Amazon Herb Company

In the Amazon, there are approximately 200,000 various plants and herbs in abundance, some of which have not yet even been discovered. The Amazon Herb Company draws the materials for its nutritional and skin care products from this rich South American natural resource. Amazingly, only about 2% of the resources are utilized by the natives for their medicinal and nutritional benefits and the potentials of the remaining 98% remain untapped.

At present, a research team from Amazon Herb works with the locals to discover more types of beneficial plants and herbs. These are then used as ingredients for their various health product lines. The company was founded by John “Amazon John” Easterling, an adventurer who regularly explored the Amazon basin for sources of products to market and sell in the United States. In one of his sorties, he fell gravely ill and the natives brought his health back using herbs found in the forest. Since then, he has provided a regular source of income for the inhabitants of the Amazon through the herbs and crops harvested from the rainforest, and this profitable venture has endured for more than 25 years.

The Amazon Herb Company provides effective supplements from nature’s bounties and has opened its doors for business opportunities not only to the local communities in the Amazon, but to anyone who believes in the products and are willing to promote them to the world, The network marketing plan provides income to members based on the member’s sales and the sales made by affiliates who sign up through them. Once you sign up for the $ 100 monthly auto-ship program to activate your account, you will begin to earn 40% in commission for the products you sell directly. On top of this, you will earn 5% from sales made by your down lines in exchange for helping and motivating them. A bonus of 13% is earned from personally-sponsored members.

To succeed in the business, you must qualify for title promotion by meeting monthly maintenance quotas. Accomplishing your targets can bring big financial rewards and help secure your future. It will help you set up a solid base with which to build a regular monthly income. Many successful affiliates have given testimonies on how they gained riches.

The multi level marketing business will require some time and effort to ensure success. Whether on a fulltime or part-time basis, you can succeed by selling directly to your own clients or by building up a network of affiliates who will help you in selling the Amazon Herb Company products.

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