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Amazon Kindle and Amazon Kindle DX – What Makes Them So Great?

Get ready to change the way you read forever! With the introduction of the Amazon Kindle and Amazon Kindle DX wireless reading devices, is going to do just that. introduced the first generation Kindle in November of 2007 and it was well received by the public. The second generation Kindle was introduced in February of 2009 and the much awaited Amazon Kindle DX in June of 2009.

First, what’s the difference between the two designs? The Kindle is the smaller version with a 6 inch display screen. The Kindle weighs in at an impressive 10.2 ounces, has 2GB internal storage allowing it to hold 1,500 books, and is about the size of a paperback with the thickness of a magazine. The Kindle DX is the Kindle’s bigger brother with a 9.7 inch display screen, 4GB internal storage allowing it to hold 3,500 books, the size and thickness of a magazine, and a built-in PDF reader which the Kindle lacks.

What both Kindles have in common is the underlying concept that strived for when designing them. To have the user lose them self in the book and forget about what they were holding while reading it. certainly has succeeded in doing this. Probably the most notable area is in the display itself. Both Kindles use an E Ink® electronic paper display with high resolution and 16-level gray scale to give the look of printed paper. The display has no glare or backlight to cause strain to the reader’s eyes. This coupled with the ergonomic design, ease-of-use buttons, and lightness of weight all work together to enhance the reading experience.

Another great feature of both the Amazon Kindle and Amazon Kindle DX is the free Whispernet wireless technology which is a part of the Sprint 3G high-speed network for downloading. This means that the Kindle never needs a computer or internet connection to access the Kindle Store. With the speed of the 3G network, books also download in under 60 seconds. This technology also allows for automatic downloads of magazines, newspapers, and blogs on the go because of the expanded national coverage of the Sprint 3G network. The best part of all is that this is completely free with the purchase of the Amazon Kindle or Amazon Kindle DX.

New features that has put in both the Kindle and Kindle DX include a read-to-me feature allowing you to have your Kindle read aloud your favorite book, magazine, newspaper, or blog to you; ability to bookmark and place annotations using the full QWERTY keyboard, a built-in dictionary, built-in free access to, access to to download audio books, a basic web browser for exploring the web, a library back-up of all purchased books at, and a mp3 player built in allowing you to listen to your music while reading.

Are the Amazon Kindle and Amazon Kindle DX right for everyone? No, with a recently reduced price tag of $ 299 for the Kindle and a hefty $ 489 for the Kindle DX, the Kindle family is really for the devote reader that is tired of making multiple trips to the library or having a library at their home. With bestsellers and new releases only $ 9.99 per download, for these people the Kindle pays for itself. For the occasional reader though, the price tag may not be worth it.

If you’d like to purchase a Kindle or Kindle DX or just want to know more about them, then check out my site at

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