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Amazon company is moving toward Android tablet PC

The tablets are obviously important gadgets today. They are proving to be an essential tool for browsing and mobile entertainment. Especially, China factory launched many kinds of tablet PC, and also there are so many big online stores which are specialty in selling tablet PC. PickEgg is one of them of offering all kinds of Google Android tablet PCs and which is the only company offered customers the best price guarantee. Even there’s a wealth of circumstantial evidence that points toward Amazon readying a Android tablet.

Looking at moves Amazon has made over the last few months, the company has laid all the foundations for an ecosystem for a tablet device—all it needs now is the hardware.

Is Amazon preparing to launch an Android tablet? It’s obvious from Amazon’s most recent moves that the company is moving toward Android, and everything else the company has done lately matches perfectly with a coming launch of a tablet device. It has the music player, the content storage system, the e-reader software, the app store, and a plan for aggressive pricing. The tablet’s place is ready; now all Amazon needs is an actual product.

When the iPad first debuted last April, there was chatter that it would be a Kindle killer. But quite the opposite proved to be true. In fact, according to one study, 40 percent of iPad owners also have a Kindle. This has proven to Amazon that if it does produce its own tablet, it won’t necessarily mean the end—or the transformation—of the Kindle line.

Amazon Prime is another piece of the puzzle. Members pay $ 79 a year to get free unlimited two-day shipping, and Amazon recently added streaming video to this service through Amazon Instant Video. The selection of content might be limited for now, but it points to another fact: Amazon has a wealth of content available on its site, a key part of a tablet ecosystem and something other players in the tablet space lack. Similar to Kindle software that allows users to buy a book with just one click within the app, Amazon’s tablet could allow users to do this with a wider selection of books, movies, and music.

Although the company has been tight-lipped about the numbers, DigiTimes estimates B&N have shipped three million of the $ 250 Android-powered devices since it launched in November. It’s priced at a lower point than the iPad because, as Rojas pointed out, Barnes & Noble counts on Nook owners to buy content directly from Barnes & Noble. Barnes & Noble has tried its hand at an LCD tablet with the Nook Color, and by most measures it’s been successful so far. Another prong of the argument is that Amazon recently opened its own Android Appstore last month. It has nearly 30 different categories of apps that can be tested out on the PC.

Amazon is in the position to take this even further with the giant ecosystem it appears to be building. Amazon appears to be waiting in the wings to unveil a game-changer: a cheap tablet rich with content, made attractive by the convenience of native apps and services that can compete with the iPad.

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