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Acai Berries are the purple colored small fruit that comes from the palm trees of Brazil, popularly called as the “tree of life”. Some of the predominant beneficial contents in Acai Berry include flavonoids, mainly of the proanthocyanidins and anthocyanins categories and polyphenols. The antioxidant levels in Acai Berries are conveniently absorbed into bloodstream thereby increasing the overall antioxidant activity. Acai Berry is also possessed with plant sterols, essentially the fiber and fatty acids.

Unveiling the Benefits of Acai Berry

Even the polyphenols present in Acai Berries are featured with the capacity of acting as the vasodilators that mean they can easily dilate the blood vessels. Further, it means that the extract of Acai Berry can benefit in situations where the blood vessels dilation is required. There are researches that demonstrate the Acai Berry’s vasodilator effect, which is mainly dependant on the nitric oxide activation -cGMP pathway thereby involving the endothelium-derived hyperpolarizing aspect release. This vasodilator effect further suggests the probability of suing Acai Berry as the medicinal plant as far as the treatment of various cardiovascular problems is concerned.

Acai Berries are even a rich medium of dietary fiber and proteins, along with the high levels of Omega 9 and Omega 6 fatty acids thereby offering the protective effects on both cardiovascular as well as heart systems. The Omega 6 and 9 fatty acids that are contained by Acai Berry play the role to lower down the cholesterol levels in blood of the user as well. In the health food spheres, Acai Berry is widely known and admired due to its anti aging properties. It is believed that the anti aging effect of Acai Berry is a great blend of high anthocyanins levels and powerful antioxidant vitamin that this fruit contains. Also, Acai Berries are popular to contain almost 10 times as many the antioxidant vitamins as the grape fruit and twice as the blueberries.

Some other astonishing health benefits of Acai Berries include fighting the cancerous cells, detoxifying the overall body, lowering down blood pressure and cholesterol levels, fighting against the problem of arthritis, improving digestive system and visual activity, offering healthier looking hair and skin, supporting body’s immune system, reducing inflammation and improving digestive function and blood circulation of the body.

So, after knowing the various benefits associated with Acai Berry, it is time to Try Acai Berry or its products to gain maximum possible health results.

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