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Amazon release Ad-supported Kindle ebook reader with a lower selling price.

April 12, according to foreign media reports that Amazon will drop the price of Kindle ebook reader. But this time the price reduction is on condition that the ads displayed on the screen. 

Amazon will released this ebook reader with advertisement this Tuesday, The selling price of the new Kindle ebook reader is 114 dollars, the most inexpensive ebook reader Kindle also 25 dollars higher. However, the home page and screen saver of ebook reader are ads. Amazon will start shipping on May 3 of these new Kindle ebook reader. Target and Bestbuy stores will sell this product.

Today, some people might suspect the effect of ipad brings since it it coming with a LCD screen which works with background light and makes it impossible reading outside. However, the reading lover would say that freedom to read books anywhere such as at the beach or in the garden is most important and that the ipad cant bring. Same as a laptop, also it is too expensive and probably sensitive to take it to the beach, plus kind of unhandy w/o any handle or something. They prefer a more robust and cheaper eBook Reader where you can read anywere. At home but also outside when sun is shining.

Since the launch of 399 in 2007 dollars since the ebook reader Kindle, Amazon has continued to cut prices. However, this is the first time in the Amazon ebook reader contains ads. 

The Head of Amazon Kindle (Jay Marine) said in an interview on Tuesday, released cheaper, ad-supported ebook reader is a good way to increase the popularity of this product to more users. This shows that Amazon is taking active measures to use the ebook readers and advertising and the latest Apple iPad andriod tablet and increasing competition. 

Ebook reader in this presentation, a screen saver shows a preferential deal, users can use the $ 10 on to buy a $ 20 gift card. If you are interested in this transaction, the user can click the mouse to get the details on this transaction e-mail. Now there is one page in the Kindle smaller banner ads, though less visible, but still clearly identifiable as advertisements. Marin said the ads will continue to change. However, in the Kindle ebook does not appear in the ads. He said, do not interfere with the reading experience is very important.

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