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Adult ADHD ? The 9 Step Self Help Guide To Making Holiday Shopping A Success

For adults with ADHD the holiday shopping season, or for that matter any season, can be quite the budget busting experience. Image for a moment how the primary adult ADHD symptoms of inattention/distractibility, impulsivity, and restlessness could cause a well intentioned trip to the mall, or favorite store, to turn into a fully fledged spending fiasco with long term negative consequences.

And if that isn’t enough, adding fuel to this already volatile mix we might as well throw in the commonly seen adult ADHD symptoms of insomnia, worry, boredom, frustration, and low self esteem to really heat things up.

Can you image the look on that go getter of a salesman’s face if all these symptoms were plastered on the back of the adult ADHD individuals shirt  or blouse upon entering his/her place of business. In fact, our expert sales representative would be so busy visualization the scenic vacation home, new car, or admission to the super salesman seminar coming next month that he/she would barely be able to keep a straight face.

For this reason I have decided lay out a nine step self help guide for the estimated 10,000,000 ADHD adults currently roaming the malls and strip shopping centers this holiday season.

*Predetermine your budget before you leave home: Only take enough cash to slightly exceed your budget that way when you have the urge to buy those new shoes instead of important gift for your aunt Sally you will at least have to revisit it another day.

*Make a shopping list: ADHD adults are notoriously forgetful, so by making a list of items to buy, and for whom, before you get into the heat of action you just might remember not to leave out the children.

*Take along a friend or family member without ADHD just in case: For those with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder staying engaged when your budget runs out might be difficult unless you have someone with you to keep it fun. Additionally, they may be able to make you stop and think before the combination of restlessness and impulsivity makes you buy that unwanted item.

*Don’t let irritability get in the way: ADHD adults tends to become frustrated easily and can become quite irritable. If you feel you fall into this category learn a few relaxation techniques such as diaphragm breathing to relieve that excess anxiety before it unravels your self control.

*Say no to impulse buying: Our number one rule is a good start in overcoming impulse buying. Nevertheless, make a deal with yourself that you will not let your impulsivity overcome your common sense. If you notice this about to happen quickly leave the store and move on to another store on your list.

*Beware of time management: Adults with attention deficit disorder are terrible at time management and almost always run late. So be sure not to make any plans for later unless you specifically tell your friend, co-worker, or family member that you might be running late.

*Learn to control your tendency to worry: Adults with ADHD tend to have a bad case of the what if’s. For example if that T-shirt for uncle Bob that had “Proud To Be A Redneck Dog Trainer” displayed on the front was sold out don’t beat yourself up about it. Maybe there was a better gift choice anyway. 

*Organize your receipts: Lack of organization is the most common trait for many ADHD adults. If you have to make a return after the shopping is done then you probably will need your receipt.

*Natural ADHD remedies: Sometimes you may need a little help to keep the holiday cheer from busting your budget and ruining your mood. If this is the case it never hurts to have a safe and effective natural ADHD remedy handy.

Rob Hawkins has spent the last 20 years as an enthusiastic advocate promoting the benefits of natural lifestyle supported by the use of complementary herbal and natural medicines, with much of the last ten dedicated to spreading the word online.

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