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Adding Shopping Thrills to Winter Chills

Add in some incredible discounts and gifts on offer, and this one’s a season you’d never forget!

The fun starts with loads of gift stacked shopping hours packed together. For starters, there’s a daily lucky draw that can get you gift vouchers worth no less than `5000! Even better, is the fact that there would be 12 such prizes up for grabs daily! This sure makes Christmas gifts look like cakewalk.

Not to be left behind in making you happy, is Star Bazaar, which plans to give away a gift voucher worth `3,000 everyday (just like that). Go ahead, pinch yourself.

Then comes the Bumper Draw, where you stand a great chance to win couple tickets to Dubai and Thailand! It’s also a good idea to practice clicking pictures of really tall buildings right now itself! (the skills will come handy while clicking Burj Khalifa you see). Besides these incredible offers, brace yourself for a chance to take away a total of 5 Aspen watches that will have your style quotient peaking. There will be special offers at no less than 80 outlets in all.

If you thought this was all, another surprise awaits you. We’re celebrating Christmas like never before this year, with Carol Singers enlivening the Mall between December 21-25 and Santa Clause on gift patrol between 16 -25 December! Apart from these, we’re certain you’d also like to enjoy our regular attractions like the Sunset Bounce, which promises you a grand, music filled evening (Fridays and Saturdays between 5-9 PM), the Unplugged Thursdays featuring live rock band performances (starting 5 PM onwards), and some quiet Jazz Evenings, which are on every Sunday (between 5-8 PM).

Not just that, there will also be our regular treats for women, with Makeover Mondays (11 AM – 4 PM), where one gets to choose from a variety of Spas, Salons, Cosmetic and Apparel selections, while adding to the pampering with endless offers, freebies, discounts and gifts!

You could also let the kids have some fun every Sunday (between 4-8 PM), with some amazing creative and fun activities created by us, that have them enjoy as well as learn about the world around them in the most incredible ways!

 Shopping never really needs a reason or a season. Although, when the season does arrive; there’s simply nothing in the world out there that can beat it (or even match it!).



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