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A History of Citizen Watches


Citizen watches is probably the largest watch producers on the globe. Originally founded as Shokosha Watch Research Institute in 1918. The brand name originated in a pocket watch CITIZEN purchased in 1924.

There are two main technologies that Citizen are famous for within the watchmaking arena. The Eco Drive mechanism along with the Deployment Clasp. The Eco-Drive technology of Citizen watches been embedded in most models of the Japanese marque since 1995.

Most watches come with a rechargeable battery. The battery key in me is manufactured from combining titanium and lithium ions. A photovoltaic cell that’s located behind the dial delivers the charge to the battery. The mix of metals inside battery protects it to a large degree from memory effect?the location where the continual charging and discharging with the battery leads to a battery to shed capacity.

Batteries tested after being removed damaged watches after decade of hard use have still been discovered to be competent to hold around 80% of the peak charge. Being a fully charged battery can run around 30 days without seeing sunlight, a decrease in six days capacity is unlikely undertake a detrimental impact on the timepiece wearer. It is not exactly the time keeping functions which might be operated through the rechargeable battery.

Many models include chronographs; for some other models, offering remote controlled atomic timekeeping. In those instances a compact radio receiver is located from the watch this also is utilized to receive enough time signal stations. This receiver is powered from the same battery and charging system as being the other countries in the movement.

The Deployment Clasp is usually a push strap release accessible for many Citizen watch bracelet bands. The clasp can also be combined with leather however, if the clasp is fastened, the band seems to be a normal eye-hole and link pin leather watchband.

With few other strategies of power generation for quartz watches, the Eco-Drive (and the Deployment Clasp is going to be around for a number of years yet.

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