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A Guide to Successful Shopping at a Designer Clothing Sale


• Find a good store that holds a designer clothing sale

There are many stores to choose from! You can’t just settle on one. Search the Internet for these stores that hold a designer clothing sale which offer the best selection and the lowest prices.

• Go with a plan

Have a general idea of what you want to look for before you go on searching, so you won’t waste a lot of time wandering around a huge space that is usually well organized, but filled with thousands of one-of-a-kind items. You may ask a friend to help you so you both can keep your eyes open for what the other wants as well.

• If you find something that suits you, throw it in your shopping cart immediately

Even if you’re just thinking about it and not quite sure if you really want to get it, just hold on to it for a bit more. You can always decide on which items to keep before checking out.

• Check the items for its quality

Always check your items for rips, tears, holes, broken zippers, permanent stains, etc. Some things can be easily fixed, but other things just aren’t worth it. That vintage clutch is not really a bargain if you get it home and there’s a hole it in, right?

• Know which days your local store have specials in their designer clothing sale

Almost every thrift store has days where there are big sales like 20% or even 50% off the whole store. Some stores use colored coded tags everyday to indicate a percentage off the price. Get familiar so you can make your dollar stretch even farther.

• Have your items washed as soon as you get home with them

Thrift stores can be dusty, dirty, moth-ball smelling places, so wash any clothes you buy before wearing them. The same goes for footwear. If I get a pair of shoes, I usually spray the inside of them with disinfectant.

These are only a few guidelines, but if you follow nothing more than these guidelines, you will have a great adventure in thrifting when you shop at a designer clothing sale as well.

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