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When you say Birkenstock footwear, it is likely sandals and clogs come to mind. These products are what they are certainly most famous for. Very comfortable, durable footwear that are great for both casual daily wear and look great when used in casual summer occasions. Those who have used “Birks” know that they can last for ages and gently form to the shape of your feet to provide an excellent fit that is just right for you. If you have any doubt, simply slip on another person’s pair and you’ll understand.

However, Birkenstock has recently added boots to their line of products, expanding from sandals and clogs to include both shoes and new Birkenstock boot designs. Only time will tell if they are as successful as their sandals line. But if their sandals are any proof, the boots should most likely be successful as well.

There are three basic types: the approach or day trip boots in the Birkenstock Alpine series, regular aggressive hiking boots in their Rockford line, and several trendy boot styles like the Segovia Calf-boot for women.

When you shop online for shoes to get a new pair of Birkenstocks, you may find that they fit a little differently than what you are used to. Don’t let this bother you. Simply try on slightly different sizes until you find a pair that is comfortable to your feet.

There is absolutely no question that boots are not what made Birkenstock popular. Although, their impressive experience in producing high-end casual footwear has given them an excellent reputation for developing a superb quality line of boots from the beginning. They were able to do it all without losing sight of their core principle of simplicity, durability and comfort.

So, the next time you shop online for shoes and try to find a high-quality pair, be sure to check out what Birkenstock has to offer. They may be slightly more costly than other footwear brands, but they will last much longer, look better, and will be more comfortable on your feet and overall posture.

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