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A Brief Introduction Of Diving Watches


A diver must have full preparations before diving. A diving watch is necessary to prepare. Such a timepiece is different from other watches. A diver is surely familiar with it. It is a timepiece which is specially designed for people to having underwater diving.

Specialty of Diving Watches

1. Water Resistance

This is an obvious feature of diving timepiece. It is water resistant for about 300 meters. Divers do not have to worry about the quality of it after diving. As the technology of watch manufacturing is more advanced than ever before, it can go much deeper than it actually is. The diver can surely have a good time by wearing such a timepiece for diving.

2. Watch Case

Usually the case of a diving watch is more stoutly than other timepieces. It is made of special materials like plastics, synthetic resins, titanium and so on. And it must be able to endure the corrosiveness of seawater. The case of the special diving watch is relatively heavy and large when comparing with other watches. The commonest material for the watch case of it is the stainless steel.

3. Crystal

The crystal of a watch for diving is thick in order to enhance the pressure resistance of it. And the materials of the crystal are better in quality such as hardened glass and acrylic glass. These materials are more scratch resistant than other materials for making crystal.

4. Others
There must be a water resistant crown in such a watch. It is used by people to set or adjust the time and date. And the bezel is also unique with conspicuous 15 or 20 minute markings. The strap of such a watch is usually made of rubber, polyurethane and silicone rubber. And the battery of a diving watch is of electric powered movement.
History of Diving Watches
The watch was created before to meet military and professional needs. The Omega “Marine”, which was introduced in 1932, is said as the first Diving timepiece in history.
With more and more people realized how important it was to wear it for scuba diving, more and more diving watches were introduced into the market. In 1954, Rolex Submariner was introduced into the market. These watches are still attractive today.
During the 1960s, people had more under water activities. There were more watches designed for these activities. More and more watch manufacturers produced these timepieces at that time.
Today, scuba diving is loved by young people. Many people like to do it in their spare time. Either professional divers or not, they wear such a watch for diving. And famous diving timepieces are hot.
There are many high-end diving watches in the market today. They are created by top manufacturers such as Rolex, Omega, Seiko, Casio, Citizen and so on. These watches are popular and hot. In conclusion, diving watches are special and advanced timepieces for people to wear for diving.

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